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The Pediatric Airway in Crisis

The Pediatric Airway in Crisis is an interactive evidence-based lecture designed to review airway and respiratory compromise in the smallest of our populations while providing tips in the transport of these patients utilizing new non-invasive therapies and reviewing invasive ventilator management. These patients are not just small adults, instead they have different anatomy and respond differently to the therapies we apply. Children’s hospitals and specialty transport teams are overwhelmed, which leaves air crews and ground crews alike left to help facilitate the transport of these specialized patient populations.

Caleb Curtis

Caleb Curtis


Objectives for Presentation:

  1. Describe respiratory compromise in pediatrics.

2. Outline the difference between respiratory distress and respiratory failure in pediatrics.

3. Review the recent changes in evidence-based research in intubation principles concerning the pediatric population.

4.Describe recent evidence-based medicine in relation to the following:

oETT size selection for pediatrics

o ETT depth for pediatrics

5. Describe the use of Non-invasive ventilation therapies in pediatric populations.

6. Discuss prehospital transport ventilator equipment while providing basic ventilator management strategies for the pediatric population.

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