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Alabama EMS Challenge Live

This will be (2) 50 minute presentations. 12 leads and the tachydysrhythmias and second presentation will be Cases in Emergency Resuscitation

EMS Challenge

EMS Challenge


1.     The participant will gain an understanding that will aide in the rapid recognition / treatment of common tachydysrhythmias including the underlying pathophysiology

2.     The participate will gain a basic understanding of critical EKG findings and their pathophysiology and treatment.  This pathophysiology may not produce a tachy or brady dysrhythmia, but could be potentially fatal if not recognized early on in patient care.  ( long  QT, Brugada, Wellens, etc.)

3.     The learner will gain an understanding in the pathophysiology, presentation, and treatment of selected case-based emergencies. (Pulmonary, psychiatric, metabolic, and cardiac)

4.     The learner will gain an understanding of selected pharmacotherapy interventions and their risk to benefit of use in selected case-based scenarios, (including the use of ketamine)

5.     The learner will be exposed to and gain an understanding of critical thinking and outcome directed care relevant to the practice of emergency care.

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