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Documenting for Dollars

In this class, titled "Document for Dollars," our main objective is to provide crews with the necessary tools and knowledge to improve documentation practices for better reimbursement. We will cover various aspects of documentation, including dispatch notes, mileage documentation, delays in transport, clinical documentation, narrative writing, signatures, and supporting documentation. Additionally, we will discuss the importance of using CMS-approved abbreviations and properly filling out forms, such as CMS and ABN, while obtaining patient signatures. Another crucial topic we will address is the process of receiving MRN numbers and following up on patients for whom crews were unable to obtain necessary information. Furthermore, we will explore payer behaviors and identify opportunities to assist in minimizing delays and denials. Lastly, we will delve into the concept of peer review and how it can be beneficial in clinical, financial, and legal contexts. Join us in this informative class to enhance your documentation skills and maximize reimbursement opportunities.

Katrina Key

Katrina Key


This lecture discusses ways to help teach crews to document for better reimbursement.

  1. Dispatch notes

2. Milage documentation- if not going to the closest facility due to diversion, what to document

to get paid for extra mileage.

3. Delays in transport

4. Clinical documentation, Narrative Signatures, Supporting documentation

5. CMS-approved abbreviation list

6. Patient signatures and correctly filling out forms CMS and ABN

7. Crew receiving MRN numbers and follow-up on patients that crews could not obtain

information on.

8. Payer behaviors and opportunities to help with delay and denials

9. Peer review and how it can help clinically, financially, and legally

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