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Trending Talks of EMS

This is a general topic lecture based on some trending science in our field. It includes discussions on RSI where I redefine the terminology to follow the current trends and science which includes an emphasis on push dose pressers in certain situations. I also go into VS and focus on ETCO2 and Capillary refill time as a measure of perfusion. Other topics include fluid choice, ATLS terminology, blood products and administration and TXA. The conclusion is my “TikTok to do list of topics” which is a rapid fire statement and reasoning which addresses misconceptions, misunderstandings and dogma I see in my daily practice. I will be happy to add any topics your group feels are important but being your neighbor and flying into AL on occasion these seem to be common topics between our states.

Kevin King

Kevin King


Objective 1

RSI Changing the terminology changing our mindset.


Objective 2

Discuss the basics of ventilation with a bag valve mask with a focus on over volume ventilation and over rate ventilation and the risk of both and how to follow the science and do it smart.


Objective 3

Discuss the role of crystalloids, the different uses of the commonly found  fluids in EMS . Discussion of blood product use including the advantages of whole blood and ATLS terminology regarding fluid/blood administration.


Objective 4

Discuss Vital signs and dive into what the can tell us besides the obvious. Focuses on ETCO2 and renews the importance of Capillary Refill Time (CRT) in relation to fluid/blood resuscitation.


Objective 5

Current trends in TXA dosing and the importance of early administration.


Objective 6

Kevin Kings list of “To Do TikToks for Emergency Medicine and EMS”. Discusses some common misconceptions, misunderstandings and dogma that I see flying on a daily basis.  

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