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Building High Performance Resuscitation Teams

This is a co-presentation between Matthew Panepento and Dr. Will Ferguson on the importance of utilizing high-performance resuscitation teams in every organization. Covering the history of these types of teams, including data from multiple facets of medicine supporting them and their success. The presentation will also cover in-depth how your organization can design its own high-performance resuscitation team model to better your outcomes and provide exceptional patient care to patients in prehospital cardiac arrest.

Matthew Panepento/ Dr. Will Ferguson

Matthew Panepento/ Dr. Will Ferguson


History of PIT CREW/High-performance teams

  1. Data-driven results and failures with Dr. Ferguson

2. Leadership hurdles and buy-in

3.Analyzing and interpreting your organization’s strengths and weaknesses

4. Designing a team model for your organization

5. Answer any questions and share contact information

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