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Emergency Response for Persons Living with ALS: What You Need to Know

Approximately one in 400 persons will develop ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, in their lifetime. During their ALS journey, those individuals will almost certainly need some type of emergency medical services. It is vital that the EMS community understand some of the unique needs of people living with ALS in order to provide appropriate care. Providing the wrong intervention can unknowingly cause additional harm to the person living with ALS. This presentation will be a joint presentation with Melissa and Steve Diehl, who is a currently living with ALS.

Melissa Enfinger

Melissa Enfinger


This presentation will support Emergency Medical professionals to:

1. Understand what ALS is and how it affects persons living with the disease.

2. Understand the role of the primary caregiver(s) in the daily care of persons living with ALS and how it may impact how care is provided.

3. Review tools to support emergency response in cases involving persons living with ALS, including the ALS Association Medical Information Packet; File of Life; and other resources.

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