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Taking Ventilator Management to the Next Level

LIVE PODCAST!!! The Ventilator Podcast by Caleb Curtis, Jerome Lovelady & Michael Schauf. Taking Ventilator Management to the Next Level. A lecture designed to give providers the latest in evidence-based research in critical care ventilator management. This lecture will help to better prepare paramedics develop tactics and discuss advanced strategies while helping to increase their knowledge base in ventilator management.

The Ventilator Podcast

The Ventilator Podcast


Objectives for Presentation:

  1. Describe the differences between transport ventilators.

  2. Review basic ventilator modes.

  3. Discuss the advanced ventilator monitoring parameters.

  4. Describe and the use of ventilator waveforms detailing pressure, volume, and flow.

  5. Describe & discuss strategies when learning advanced ventilator modes.

  6. Discuss a case presentation at the conclusion of the presentation.

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