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Dissecting the trauma diamond

In this educational lecture we will dissect the, "lethal diamond" of the declining trauma patient. Digging into the pathology of hypothermia, hypocalcemia, acidosis, and coagulopathy we will have a better understanding of the process our bodies suffer from when our body can no longer compensate. Understanding the pathology and early/ aggressive intervention that will be covered, we can make HUGH differences in patient outcomes.

Will McReynolds

Will McReynolds


  1. Description of the trauma diamond of death and roles that hypothermia, acidosis, hypocalcemia and coagulopathy play in the declining patient’s clinical status.

    ·In depth description of the pathology that these factors play in the patient’s status

  2. Stages of shock from early compensated, compensated, decompensated, to irreversible shock.

  3.  Early management of shock including STOP THE BLEED,  fluid admin, pt temperature , and the importance of damage control resuscitation to the management of the uncompensated shock patient including the importance of blood, TXA, airway management ( damage control RSI ) and when to pull the trigger on calcium.

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