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Aimee Roth

Bridging the gap in bariatric patient care: Pathophysiology, assessment and transport solutions

Alabama Ambulance Association

EMS Transport Progress and Direction. Sponsored by the AAAS

Amy Eisenhauer

To the Fallopian Tubes and Back Again- A Woman’s Tale

Asbel Montes

Ambulance Cost Data Collection

Bob Matoba

Making difference in Chest Trauma

Caleb Curtis

The Pediatric Airway in Crisis

Chief Ken Bouvier

50 Years of Tragedy: Are we ready for the next 50 years?

Chris Downs

Natural or Unnatural

David Wuertz

Peer support works and can save your career

Dr. Chris White

Neurological Emergencies

Dr. Jason Ferguson

It's Me and You Wheezy

Dr. Sam Scheinberg, M.D., and Cherrie Scheinberg

Creative Splinting

Dr. Shea Duerring

Pediatric Emergencies

Dr. Will Ferguson

Why Labs matters?

EMS Challenge

Alabama EMS Challenge Live

Ed Oliver

Legislation Updates

Gary Farmer

Active Shooter “Rescue Task Force”

Guy Minshall

ACS Wannabee's

Jamie Gray

What is your EMS Mindset?

Justin Hurzeler

Empowering Performance Through Feedback and Targeted Training

Katrina Key

Documenting for Dollars

Kevin King

Trending Talks of EMS

Krystal Burch

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Lamar Neighbors

Diabetes in Emergency Medical Services

Lt. Jeff Judd

Thinking outside the box - EMS by the Sheriff's Office

Matthew Panepento/ Dr. Will Ferguson

Building High Performance Resuscitation Teams

Medicaid Provider Tax Program Hosted by Alabama Medicaid, AL Dept of Revenue, AAAS

Medicaid Provider Tax Program Hosted by Alabama Medicaid, AL Dept of Revenue, AAAS

Melissa Enfinger

Emergency Response for Persons Living with ALS: What You Need to Know

Paula Motes

Ambulance Services: Achieving Compliance

Sean Gibson

Lunch and Learn - Heartsafe

Shane Driver

Blood Emergencies

Stephen Wilson

NREMT / Office of EMS Updates

The Ventilator Podcast

Taking Ventilator Management to the Next Level

Tim Perry

Farm Rescues

Will McReynolds

Dissecting the trauma diamond

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